Cleaning Your Pizza Oven

When using a pizza oven of any kind, it is important to regularly clean and maintain the oven to make sure that your pizza does not take on any unwanted textures, flavors or odors and that your oven works safely and efficiently.

Making sure your oven is cool to the touch before beginning any cleaning process, or injuries can occur.

Using a pizza brush or scraper, or if one is not available, a chef’s knife or pizza peel, scrape off any debris on the oven’s surface carefully, as digging into the surface of your oven may damage it.

A damp cloth can be used to get anything the brush will not remove. 

Doing this as spills and debris occur will prevent build up later, however, take care with any hot surfaces.

Brushing the bottom and sides of the oven regularly, even if there are no spills, will maintain your oven’s appearance.

Exhaust stacks should be cleaned monthly to remove soot that may affect your oven’s safety and the flavor of your pizzas.

Clean-Rite Chimney Sweep has the specialty tools and specialized knowledge to do your pizza oven cleaning.


Pizza is a favorite staple of the American diet, and nothing cooks up as good as a wood-fired pizza. Over time, ash, grease, soot and creosote can change the way your pizza should taste. Clean-Rite Chimney Sweep is your go-to company for getting your wood-fired pizza oven in great shape. 

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